The Top In-Demand Digital Skills for Tech Employers (2023)

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In-Demand Digital Skills

Digital transformation is this century’s single most transformational phenomenon, with technology on the steady march to influencing every aspect of our lives. Experts have dubbed this moment in history the era of “accelerating change,” and nowhere have we seen a more significant impact of the explosive growth in technological advances than in the field of work. Businesses that cannot keep up with the pace of digital transformation are like joggers in a sprint to the finish line; they inevitably need to catch up. To prevent obstacles to innovation, savvy organizations will look for candidates who are experts in today’s most in-demand digital skill sets. This means that digital upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling are vital for employees wishing to future proof their careers and employers wanting to retain their top talent.

Elev8 is passionate about bridging the skills gap around the world. As part of our global vision to set the workforce up for success, we have identified the critical digital skills employers increasingly ask for.

What are the Most In-Demand Digital Skills in Today’s Job Market?

The most in-demand digital skills in today’s job market include data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and digital marketing. Tech employers highly seek these skills as they drive innovation, productivity, and success in the digital age.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing makes computer system resources like storage, applications, processing power, networks, and web hosting available on demand. Cloud users can “plug in” to these services as needed, day or night, from anywhere worldwide. Tech employers want to hire experts in this field because cloud computing has become a crucial component of the digital transformation strategy. Businesses are increasingly looking for cloud-based solutions to meet their needs as they reap the benefits of lower IT costs, agile response times, and cost-effective efforts to scale. Elev8’s training programs recognize the importance of this emerging field, teaching participants about the intricacies of this modern art form.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is as literal as it comes. The term refers to the technology-stuffed tangible objects we use daily and how they use the Internet to communicate, connect, and share data. IoT technology now has the power to transform cities, and estimates predict that by the end of 2022, humans will be using over 29 billion electronic devices daily. This prognosis goes hand in hand with the rapid advancements across electronics, manufacturing, and IT coupled with the global trend towards total digitization. Tech employers want skilled professionals with knowledge of the latest products available, the technologies behind them, and how they can be used to boost their success. Elev8 has incorporated IoT-focused learning modules in its training programs to give our graduates an edge in the job market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The most straightforward description of artificial intelligence is that it involves creating and applying algorithms to mimic human thought processes and behaviors. AI technologies work to gather information from their surroundings and apply their findings to the situation at hand, with the ultimate objective of making human-like decisions without the Achilles heel of human error. These computers will be able to process, analyze, and respond to data at speeds people cannot, allowing for the automation of increasingly complex decisions at a rapid pace. As the world looks to AI as the key to the future, demands for AI-fluent candidates have exploded. Elev8’s programs equip learners with the latest knowledge in AI trends, meaning they provide even greater value to their company, deploying AI as part of their digital transformation strategy.


Cybersecurity is the protection of hardware, software, networks, systems, and data from malicious digital assault. Such attacks can range from commonplace malware or phishing attempts, denial of service (DOS), or man-in-the-middle (MITM) intrusions to multi-million full-scale covert operations. The circumstances of the last few years have only magnified the appetite for cybersecurity experts. COVID-19 multiplied the use of video technology and the trend of remote or hybrid working one hundredfold. Unfortunately, companies are more vulnerable than ever to security breaches, with potentially more devastating consequences. The World Economic Forum rang up the average cost of a cyber-attack to a business at $3.6 million per incident and successful detection of a breach at as many as 280 days (about nine months) after the first occurrence. Elev8’s training programs provide employees with basic cybersecurity skills to detect and prevent attacks. As we move to a world more reliant on cloud technology, AI, and IoT, protecting critical networks from emerging threats has never been so important.

Data Analytics

Data analytics examines large sets of data to uncover patterns, insights, and trends. Organizations seek professionals who can effectively analyze and interpret data to drive business decisions in today’s data-driven world. The demand for data analysts has skyrocketed as companies recognize the value of data in gaining a competitive edge.

Elev8’s programs empower individuals with the skills to extract meaningful information from complex datasets. By leveraging advanced statistical techniques and powerful tools, learners gain the ability to transform raw data into actionable insights. With expertise in data visualization, predictive modeling, and statistical analysis

Power Skills

Power skills don’t focus on what you’re working on but how you do it. The ability to manage your time effectively, work with others, handle conflict, and problem-solve all fall under the umbrella of power or soft skills. Despite business and society’s march towards digitization, humans are still behind most computers. As such, true professionals know that they need a repertoire of soft skills to underpin their technological know-how. Power skills are like the finishing touches to a masterpiece and can make or break your career. At Elev8, we incorporate how-based learnings like adopting a growth mindset, conflict resolution, and effective communication into all our initiatives, meaning that employers can trust that Elev8 learners get work done and work well with others while doing so.

Elev8’s unique approach, combining technical and power skills, has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve success. We look beyond certification, creating comprehensive training programs that target all aspects of employability. Organizations that work with us continue to benefit even after the courses are over, with our talent management program Talentwize used by enterprises to assess their workforce and identify areas for reskilling. Learning and development opportunities are now seen as a critical differentiator in the modern job market, with 76% of employees saying they’d stay with a company that invests in their skillset.

The future is digital. At Elev8, we have the future in mind. Discover how our educational initiatives and digital reskilling programs transform enterprises worldwide here.