Learning Experiences

We take an integrated approach to deliver learning experiences that enable a combination of modalities, learning paths, and methodologies to meet individual learning styles.



We provide diverse modes of learning to engage learners and reinforce key concepts through multiple methods.

Types of Programs

Bootcamp & fast-track

Acceleration programs where content is bundled into short, intensive, and rigorous curriculums and active learning experiences.

Certified training

Latest international certified IT training courses with top industry partners blended with critical power skills and delivered by best-in-class trainers.

Strategic workshop

A training program for smaller groups that focuses on one skill or topic to teach in detail during one or more brief sessions and ends with a clear roadmap to implement.

Coaching & mentoring

A personalized companion designed for learners of a specific discipline delivered by an expert in the field.

Delivery Modalities

We offer a variety of delivery methods that can be applied individually or in combination based on learners’ needs.

Virtual instructor-led training

Training facilitated by an instructor in an online virtual classroom environment.

Instructor-led training

Training facilitated by an instructor in a physical classroom environment.

Hybrid learning

The combination of online self-paced learning (asynchronous) and face-to-face classroom learning (synchronous).

Learning paths

Certifications Based on Goals

We offer a variety of learning paths based on the desired outcome.

Career Path

Identifies the skills and certifications needed to transition to a different role (reskilling).

Role Path

Identifies the skills and certifications needed to transition to the next role level (upskilling).

Skill Path

Identifies the complexity of course content and the recommended order of consumption (foundational, intermediate, advanced).

Certification Path

Identifies the order in which a learner should consume the certification prep courses.


Training Methodologies

We match the types of training methodologies to a wide range of learning styles to help learners develop new skills, in the format best suited for it.


Diagnostic assessment is the process of using multiple measures and reports to determine a learner’s current knowledge and capabilities in a subject. We then use formative assessments to evaluate their progress during class and provide feedback to promote their growth. Our assessments identify skills gaps that allow us to implement the best upskilling or reskilling actions to improve a learner’s core competency in a subject.

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Role-Play Training

Role-play training provides learners with the opportunity to participate in individual or group activities that reflect real-life scenarios. We use role-play exercises to engage learners and enhance current teaching strategies. Our activities encourage critical thinking and help participants improve their communication and problem-solving skills.

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Case Studies

Case studies provide learners with real-world scenarios to analyze and identify potential solutions to a challenge. We use case studies to help them build confidence while enhancing their critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.


Interactive Dynamics and Discussions

The methods of interactive dynamics and discussion are used to stimulate critical thinking, intellectual agility, and social learning. Our activities encourage learners to weigh the evidence, test hypotheses, and reach their own conclusions. We help them enhance their knowledge and engage in discussion.

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Demonstrations are used to reinforce learning objectives and assess student comprehension of a subject or skill. The genuine rapport we develop with our learners helps us assess their comprehension of the material as we guide them through the learning experience by generating interest, increasing engagement, and improving knowledge retention.



Labs are cloud-based virtual training environments that feature a hands-on learning experience to support the development of new skills. We promote analytical thinking and problem-solving, so learners feel confident as they build their skills proficiency. Our activities allow for practical experimentation with the benefit of an instructor who provides personalized guidance and support.

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Competitions and Hackathons

Competitions and hackathons are learner-centered appproaches that combine project-based learning and rewarding activities demonstrating skills proficiency by solving real-world problems. By fostering collaborative environments, teamwork, and the motivation to learn in a safe space, we prepare learners for real-life scenarios through opportunities to use the skills acquired to solve open-ended assignments.

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Video and Audio Recording

Video and audio recording exercises are used to help learners become self-aware and improve their receptive, informative, and relational skills. Our exercises empower learners to ascertain and reflect on their behavior, improve faster, gain confidence, and recognize their progress over time. These experiences prepare learners to understand situational events and excel in real-world scenarios.

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One-on-One Instruction

One-on-one instruction is feedback provided to individual learners about their performance relative to a learning goal or outcome. Our instructors use one-on-one instruction to help learners understand a subject by providing specific, accurate, and clear guidance on how to improve. This feedback includes tangible information related to a goal, enhances learning, and guides future behaviors.

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Capstone Projects

A Capstone Project is a comprehensive assignment where learners apply the skills acquired during their learning event to create innovative solutions to a real-world problem. Our activities are challenging, rewarding, and designed to encourage learners to think critically. We guide learners as they demonstrate proficiency in the skills learned and prepare them for the real world.

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