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Learning Experiences

We take an integrated approach to deliver learning experiences that enable a combination of modalities, learning paths, and methodologies to meet individual learning styles.



We provide diverse modes of learning to engage learners and reinforce key concepts through multiple methods.

  • Bootcamp & Fast-track

    Acceleration programs where content is bundled into short, intensive, and rigorous curriculums and active learning experiences.

    Certified Training

    Latest international certified IT training courses with top industry partners blended with critical power skills and delivered by best-in-class trainers.

    Strategic Workshop

    A training program for smaller groups that focuses on one skill or topic to teach in detail during one or more brief sessions and ends with a clear roadmap to implement.

    Coaching & Mentoring

    A personalized companion designed for learners of a specific discipline delivered by an expert in the field.

Learning Paths

Certifications Based on Goals

We offer a variety of learning paths based on the desired outcome.

Career Path

Career Path

Identifies the skills and certifications needed to transition to a different role (reskilling).

Role Path

Role Path

Identifies the skills and certifications needed to transition to the next role level (upskilling).

Skill Path

Skill Path

Identifies the complexity of course content and the recommended order of consumption (foundational, intermediate, advanced).

Certification Path

Certification Path

Identifies the order in which a learner should consume the certification prep courses.


Training Methodologies

We match the types of training methodologies to a wide range of learning styles to help learners develop new skills, in the format best suited for it.

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