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We help governments increase competitiveness by combining digital skilling and employability programs to drive digital transformation.


Skilling for the Future

Our unique approach follows a five-step process starting with a deep understanding of the country’s digital agenda and future vision. This enables us to identify current and future digital skills needs that inform our skilling transformation and training plan, ultimately underpinning the country’s digital transformation and preparing citizens for the jobs of the future.

Strategic Diagnosis


Strategic Diagnosis

We take a consultative approach to understand the country’s digital agenda and future vision.

Digital Skills Gap Analysis


Digital Skills Gap Analysis

Based on the strategic diagnosis, we conduct a digital skills gap analysis by role along with current and future jobs mapping.

Skilling Transformation Plan


Skilling Transformation Plan

To address the digital skills gaps, we build skilling plans by target audience and display the scalability model for mass skilling initiatives.

Training Solution Implementation


Training Solution Implementation

We provide end-to-end skilling programs management, from recruitment to enrollment on personalized learning journeys.

Lasting Impact


Lasting Impact

We drive a country’s digital transformation in alignment with its future vision.

Digital Skilling Framework

Digital Transformation Skills

Success in the digital era requires the right blend of tech, power, and business skills. Our unique digital skilling framework equips your workforce with the skills they need to drive innovation and digital transformation.

Tech SkillsTech Skills
Power SkillsPower Skills
Digital TransformationDigital Transformation

Our role-based training combines the most relevant cutting-edge technologies with key power skills.

Tech Skills
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Science

    Data Science

  • Cybersecurity


  • Software Development

    Software Development

  • Low-code / No-code

    Low-code / No-code

Power Skills
  • Self-Active Learning

    Self-Active Learning

  • Creativity & Ideation

    Creativity & Ideation

  • Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking

  • Agile Leadership

    Agile Leadership

  • Complex Problem Solving

    Complex Problem Solving

  • Change Management

    Change Management


Driving Digital Transformation

We support governments’ digital agendas by building and enhancing the digital capabilities of the country’s public and private sector workforce.

  • 01

    Digital Agenda Implementation

    Create digital skilling programs to support governments’ digital agendas and accelerate digital transformation through upskilling and reskilling citizens.

  • 02

    National Digital Skilling Centers

    We have proven experience partnering with governments, leading tech companies, and relevant stakeholders to establish national skilling centers to address the digital agenda.

  • 03

    Government Digital Transformation

    Support digital transformation to drive economic growth and enhance the country’s competitiveness.

  • 04

    Employability Programs

    Develop programs focused on reducing unemployment and helping people launch successful careers in tech.










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