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We provide personalized digital skilling plans to enable your digital transformation.


Skilling for the Future

Our unique approach follows a five-step process starting with a deep understanding of your digital challenges and business objectives. This enables us to deliver personalized, role-based training programs tailored to your unique business needs.

Strategic Diagnosis


Strategic Diagnosis

We take a consultative approach to understand your challenges and the business objectives of your digital transformation projects.

Digital Skills Gap Analysis


Digital Skills Gap Analysis

Based on the strategic diagnosis, we conduct a digital skills gap analysis by role.

Skilling Transformation Plan


Skilling Transformation Plan

To address the digital skills gaps, we build skilling plans by target audience for role-based, personalized journeys.

Training Solution Implementation


Training Solution Implementation

The learning journeys are delivered through our innovative training methodologies.

Lasting Impact


Lasting Impact

We apply a continuous learning approach to drive ongoing digital transformation.

Digital Skilling Framework

Digital Transformation Skills

Success in the digital era requires the right blend of tech, power, and business skills. Our unique digital skilling framework equips your workforce with the skills they need to drive innovation and digital transformation.

Tech SkillsTech Skills
Power SkillsPower Skills
Digital TransformationDigital Transformation

Our role-based training combines the most relevant cutting-edge technologies with key power skills.

Tech Skills
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Science

    Data Science

  • Cybersecurity


  • Software Development

    Software Development

  • Low-code / No-code

    Low-code / No-code

Power Skills
  • Self-Active Learning

    Self-Active Learning

  • Creativity & Ideation

    Creativity & Ideation

  • Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking

  • Agile Leadership

    Agile Leadership

  • Complex Problem Solving

    Complex Problem Solving

  • Change Management

    Change Management


Innovative Training Solutions

The ongoing digital revolution is disrupting industries and shaping the future of work. Our innovative role-based approach enables us to deliver training solutions that meet our clients’ digital strategies, turning digital disruption into a competitive advantage.

Solutions and Impact
  • Leader Programs

    Equip and empower leaders to drive disruption through digital transformation.

  • Digital Acceleration Programs

    Enable managers to facilitate, adopt and accelerate digital transformation strategies.

  • Technology Adoption Programs

    Upskill IT and digital teams to create internal capability through enhancing knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

  • New Hire & Onboarding Programs

    Onboard and pre-skill employees for a smoother and quicker transition into their new roles.










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© 2022 YNV Holdings Ltd and its affiliated companies. All rights reserved