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Know, Grow & Retain The Skills Of Your Global Workforce

End-to-end talent lifecycle management to identify skill gaps, drive skilling initiatives and supercharge careers.

Talent lifecycle management

Winning The War On Talent

Digital is defining the world as we know it. With new technologies emerging every day, organizations stand on the cusp of a digitally fluent talent drought. To succeed, digital skills shortages and employee attrition must be faced head on. An effective talent management system is all you need – Talentwize is here to help.

Know Talent: Through Skills Identification, Validation And Management

How well do you know your workforce?

Knowledge is power. Talentwize gives you a consolidated view of the validated skills within your organization and a dynamic view of skills gaps relative to current and future positions.

Grow Talent: Through Personalized Skilling In Alignment With Organizational Objectives

Does your workforce have the tools to succeed?

Once we’ve identified your organization’s roadblocks to success, we arm them with the tools they need to bridge skills gaps, update their knowledge base, and boost performance metrics.


Retain Talent: Through Transparent And Customized Career Pathing

Is your top talent leaving you?

High attrition rates impede momentum. Lack of career growth is one of the primary reasons for employees quitting. Talentwize provides your employees with personalized and transparent career paths and motivates them to stay, reducing attrition significantly.


The evidence

The case for effective skills management

  • 1 billion jobs worldwide will be transformed by technology by 2030 (OECD).
  • 54% of L&D professionals reported skilling and reskilling as the top priority (Linkedin)
  • 65% of C-level executives worldwide say that the best workforce strategy is upskilling and reskilling current employees (WEF)
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