Elev8 is Transforming the IT Sector in Nigeria with Microsoft and the ATO

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Female teacher and her three students looking at a laptop

Elev8 has launched a free training program to support the education and empowerment of Nigeria’s young workers in partnership with Microsoft and the Africa Transformation Office (ATO).

The Elev8-Microsoft Career Progression Program will prepare 125 students for digital career placement in less than two months. It will answer their need for a stable career and the growing demand for digital talent in their local industries.

Microsoft Nigeria Country Manager Ola Williams says.

“Microsoft is very intentional in ensuring that, together with our partners, we help professionals develop the advanced skills and certifications required to contribute meaningfully to the continent’s digital economy,”

As a leading partner for global digital skilling and transformative education initiatives for enterprises and governments, Elev8 is delivering digital and power skills training and employability programs worldwide. We’re proud to play such a crucial role in growing enterprises, changing lives, developing economies, and offering career opportunities for millions of people that promote social mobility and sustainable development.

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