Elev8 & Microsoft Tackles Brain Drain Epidemic in Nigeria with Software Program

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Graduates and their teachers from elev8 and Microsoft’s Software Development Career Progression Program

In the face of a burgeoning Brain Drain Epidemic in Nigeria, where 1 in 6 individuals aged 15 – 24 contend with formidable challenges in launching their careers, Elev8 and Microsoft have taken proactive measures to address this critical issue. The United Nations identifies a concerning trend among young Nigerians who, grappling with obstacles like population migration, resource disparities, and inadequate education, find themselves in a relentless struggle to secure stable employment. With few opportunities for competitive compensation or benefits packages, many young people are leaving for greener pastures, so much so that Nigeria has officially declared a “brain-drain” epidemic.

To stem the flow of frustrated talent leaving the country and equip them with the digital skillset to launch their careers, Elev8 and Microsoft have launched the Software Development Career Progression Program.

This three-month, life-changing opportunity took 125 selected candidates and put them through an intensive hybrid training program to develop their technical and power skills. Each participant benefited from industry-leading learning sessions on programming, cloud computing, emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), data science, and machine learning. The power skills sessions included workshops on critical thinking, lateral leadership communication, presentation, and employability skills.

The program was such a success that 25% of the graduates received an offer of employment before completion. The other participants are approaching the tech job market with a newfound level of confidence, secure in the knowledge that they have skills to add tangible value to any organization from day one.

Elev8 is committed to shaping the tech talent of tomorrow. If you want to participate in the following Software Development Career Progression Program, please (contact or registry method here) today. If you represent an organization looking to hire fresh tech graduates, click here.

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