Talent Management Summit: The Digital Skills of the Future

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August 10, 2021

Organizations and governments should invest in their most valuable asset, their people, to adjust and succeed in an era of rapid technological change. To explore the topics of talent management and the future of work, we’re excited to host the Talent Summit Central America on August 19.

Elev8 has joined forces with the Costa Rican Investment and Trade Development Board (CINDE) and the Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to bring together industry leaders in talent management who will share valuable insights around the importance of talent management and investing in the digital workforce of the future in the Latin American region and around the globe.

What to expect?

The Talent Summit Central America will cover critical topics, including talent development, digital upskilling, professional transformation, and many others. See the full agenda and save your free spot now.

At the event, we’ll share the latest insights and trends on digital skilling and talent management and foster discussions that aim to help and empower talent sector professionals to harness the power of the future digital workforce. The event is intended for business leaders and C-level management.

Why it matters?

Investing in talent management benefits companies and their partners while supporting national development and boosting gross domestic product (GDP). Moreover, upskilling and reskilling the global workforce are vital to stimulating the economic recovery from COVID-19, according to a 2021 report from PwC and the World Economic Forum.

The report highlights,” Greater private-public collaboration on large-scale upskilling and reskilling initiatives could boost global GDP by $6.5 trillion and create 5.3 million net new jobs by 2030.” Additionally, it states that regions and economies with the most significant gains are those with more prominent skills gaps. These locations have more substantial potential to improve productivity through skills augmentation aligned with modern technology.

Upskilling for a better future

Whether you’re interested in nurturing talent, digital upskilling, or simply how emerging technologies transform the business landscape, you won’t miss our virtual talent summit. Learn more and join now.