Elev8 Demonstrates Vision for AI-Powered Business Future at AI and Analytics Summit in Qatar

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Doha, October 9th, 2023: Reiterating its commitment to uniting people with technology, Elev8, the world’s leading partner for digital skilling and transformative education, sponsored the 5th edition of the Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit held in Doha, Qatar, on October 5, 2023. The company’s participation aligned with its mission to empower the workforce of tomorrow by equipping them with the digital skills needed to successfully transition to the jobs of the future.

Under the theme “Accelerating Innovation in Enterprises through Applied AI and Analytics Strategies,” the summit brought together leading decision-makers and tech experts from the GCC region to explore opportunities in AI and Advanced Analytics and facilitate their real-time implementation across strategic industries. Guided by its commitment to being a driving force in shaping the future of AI-powered business, Elev8 proactively demonstrated its capabilities while engaging with prominent players in the sector to enhance its strategic partnerships. Furthermore, it leveraged the platform to raise brand awareness among government bodies and large corporations by highlighting its prominent AI skilling programs that empower diverse sectors in Qatar to stay competitive in the AI era, as envisioned in the nation’s AI strategy.

The event emphasized the significance of upskilling present-day workforces to effectively embrace AI technologies. Indeed, according to most speakers and attendees to the Summit , the largest influence of AI adoption will be the development of complementary human skills as AI technology advances. Elev8 spotlighted its reskilling programs that focus on transformative skills, learning, and employability initiatives that support enterprises and governments in meeting the future demands of the digital economy. 

Commenting on the growing impact of Elev8’s strides in facilitating lifelong learning, professional growth, and collaborative excellence in the technology-enabled realm, Maria Balbas, President at Elev8 Education and Executive Vice President of YNV Tech Talent, said: “As we witness an intense race for AI talent and a substantial deficit in specialized AI skills, it becomes imperative to train and upskill present-day professionals and develop new talent to harness the full potential of AI technology. As a global learning partner for innovative skilling programs, Elev8 is committed to continually bridging this skills gap. Our innovative skilling programs and partnerships are designed to empower both individuals and organizations, in line with Qatar’s digital transformation strategy.”

As embedded in its core values, Elev8 strives to create role-based learning pathways that empower businesses to advance competitively in the modern era. This is especially significant in view of the massive demand for AI-focused roles like Data Scientists and AI Software Engineers. The company firmly believes that a solid AI strategy for education and training should be the first strategic pillar for the companies driving the digital transformation journey of the country. 

With its competitive suite of training solutions, Elev8 empowers the next generation of digital experts in the public and private sectors and assists modern-day organizations in turning digital disruption into competitive advantages. The company’s growing partnerships with key government entities and global leaders in technology and education empower it to catalyze digital transformation while actively supporting the digital transformation agendas of governments worldwide.