Fadi Saghir: Navigating New Horizons at Elev8 Qatar 

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In the bustling world of professional growth and transformative journeys, Fadi Saghir is a beacon of inspiration as the Country Manager for Elev8 in Qatar. Join us as we delve into Fadi’s career path, his inspirations, and his pivotal role in Elev8’s ongoing success. 

A Transformative Journey with Elev8 

Fadi’s career trajectory took a significant turn when he joined Elev8, leaving behind the comfort of a stable local company for the uncharted territory of a new venture. As the Business Development Director, he navigated the shift from IT leadership to engaging with HR leaders and CEOs. The challenges were met with resilience, thanks to the team’s unwavering support and commitment to a growth-oriented culture. 

Now at the helm as the Country Manager in Qatar, Fadi emphasizes the organization’s resilience and commitment to growth, making this chapter transformative and exciting in his career. 

Beyond the Professional Persona 

While Fadi may initially come across as a private individual, those who know him well can attest to his genuine, down-to-earth, and humble nature. Rooted in the values of listening more than talking, Fadi places importance on thoughtful words and actions, reflecting his character and values. 

The Driving Force 

Fadi’s motivation extends beyond personal goals; he seeks fulfillment in work that matters. The joy derived from Elev8’s success and the direct impact on clients and organizational transformation fuels his dedication. For him, it’s more than just a job – it’s a platform for driving positive change. 

Proud Achievements and Collective Strides 

Working alongside a talented team and visionary leaders, Fadi expresses pride in achieving significant milestones, including successfully closing two major projects in Qatar. These achievements underscore the impact of teamwork, setting the stage for future successes. 

Words of Wisdom for Newcomers 

At Elev8, Fadi encourages a vibrant spirit of trying new things and breaking down traditional barriers. In a teamwork-focused setting, team members are welcome to share creative ideas. Fadi actively fosters a culture where all voices, especially those just starting, feel empowered to contribute, believing in the enriching power of diverse perspectives.  

In his words: “Every voice matters at Elev8, and we are committed to cultivating an environment where the next great idea can emerge from anyone and anywhere within our organization.” 

Living a Balanced Life 

Recognizing the brevity of life, Fadi prioritizes family time and effectively manages his personal and professional life. His leisure time is dedicated to sports activities and moments of serenity, connecting with nature. 

From Cosmos Dreams to Professional Passion 

Childhood dreams of the cosmos and astronauts resonate with Fadi’s current role. While he may not be charting paths among the stars, his work at Elev8 engages a similar sense of discovery and learning. Constantly exploring new horizons and navigating challenges mirrors the innovative spirit that fueled his early aspirations. 

Fadi has demonstrated one of our core values ‘We care’ through his dedication to go above and beyond to deliver outcomes to the organization and our customers. 

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