Empowering Women in Tech Leadership in Latin America 

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Gender diversity in tech leadership roles brings unique skills and perspectives, fostering inclusivity and innovation. Research from McKinsey shows that promoting gender diversity attracts top talent and overcomes biases. This was the occasion as Elev8’s Costa Rica Country Manager, Jeannie Bonilla Oliva, joined other panelists at the Forbes Magazine Event: Powerful Women of Central America – a leading platform that recognizes women who have redefined their roles in society and made significant strides in using their voices, resources, or public influence to drive change in Central America.  

This noteworthy event was held on August 22nd, 2023, at Costa Rica’s convention center. During the event, Jeannie Bonilla Oliva and other influential participants engaged in discussions that delved into the pivotal role of Central American Women in STEM fields. They explored important topics such as the early development of complex skills in emerging technologies, women’s leadership in technology, breaking stereotypes and diversity in technology. 

The panelists at the Forbes Magazine Event: Powerful Women of Central America - a leading platform that recognizes women who have redefined their roles in society to drive change in Central America.

In line with this vision, Elev8 is currently running a program designed for women called Senior Women in Leadership, aimed at mid to senior level executives across all roles and sectors. The program is designed to equip female leaders with the necessary skills and core competencies to further develop their leadership skills in a digitally transforming world.  

Having recorded success in the program’s past editions, Elev8 continues to promote this program with leading global partners, pushing forward gender diversity and women empowerment. Designed to support senior female executives in the Americas with the critical leadership skills required to lead digital transformation, this program helps participants create the digital identity and personal brand that is important in leadership roles.  

A past participant of this program said, “This program takes you to another level and allows you to learn and develop skills that you never thought you would be capable of. But mainly, it opens our minds and teaches us that no dream is impossible. We just need to prepare ourselves to achieve it” 

Elev8’s Senior Women in Leadership Program is poised to accelerate career growth and empower participants to take on greater leadership responsibilities. The program aims to build valuable networks and connections while breaking gender biases, enabling female executives to excel professionally. 

Participants can anticipate a deeper dive into leadership concepts and practices. They engage in interactive discussions and collaborative exercises that aim to equip them with the skills needed for current and future leadership roles. 

Elev8 has continually spearheaded gender diversity and inclusion through numerous global programs, showing great commitment alongside other partners to tackle the challenges women face to reach leadership positions.