AWIS Women in Security Conference: Opportunities in the Security Industry

elev8 - 2 min read

Maria Balbas speaks at the AWIS Women in Security Conference in Lagos, Nigeria

We’re thrilled to share that our President of Elev8, Maria Balbas, was among the featured speakers at the AWIS (The Association for Women in the Sciences) Women in Security Conference in Lagos, Nigeria.

The event brought together prominent industry leaders to discuss Africa’s revolution in the security industry, focusing on how women can effectively leverage their skills and make an impact in the field.

“The global shortage of cyber professionals presents an exciting opportunity for women to start a technology career, ” Maria Balbas shared at the conference. 

She added that the rapid technological progress and the Fourth Industrial Revolution created many opportunities in Nigeria and globally. Yet, the evolving digital transformation can pose challenges like cyber-attacks and the shortage of skilled professionals, among others.”

Nurturing talent for the security industry

The shortage of skilled cyber security professionals (in Nigeria and globally) creates the need to launch robust skilling programs and facilitate opportunities for career growth. Thus, talented women can be empowered to develop their technical skills and start a rewarding career in technology.

“As today’s work ecosystem is undergoing constant changes, governments, leaders, and young professionals need to evolve and reinvent themselves continuously, Maria Balbas commented during a panel session at the conference.”

“Nigeria and the rest of Africa have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch up with the rest of the world and make an impact in the digital economy, she said.”

Nigeria: a rising digital talent hub

Nigeria has long been touted as a rising digital hotspot because of its thriving start-up ecosystem, early adoption of emerging technologies, and driven young professionals (many women).

“It’s crucial to fill the digital skill gap and help young women and men learn innovative technologies. Maria Balbas said that reskilling and upskilling programs are more critical than ever to address the cybersecurity talent shortage.”

“Women have a unique opportunity to advance their careers in the security industry, contributing to greater diversity and offering a fresh perspective on the cyber threat, she added. Highly skilled female professionals can make a major contribution to the ongoing digital transformation and offer the needed cybersecurity solutions, according to Maria.”

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