Qatar Chooses Elev8 to Provide Digital Skilling and Cyber Resiliency Training to its Citizens 

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The global economic landscape is undergoing a significant shift due to digital transformation, bringing about a change in how businesses operate. Innovative digital technologies are transforming traditional approaches to a more efficient and secure way of managing all the aspects of a business. 

According to the World Economic Forum, $100 trillion will be added to the world economy through digital transformation by 2025. Elev8 is spearheading digital transformation efforts aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030. In furtherance of our continued efforts, we have been selected by two government ministries to lead two major public sector digital skilling initiatives in Qatar. These initiatives include a national cybersecurity upskilling program and a broad-scale digital upskilling program, impacting over 6,500 business professionals across the public and private sectors. 

National Cybersecurity Upskilling Initiative 

The national cybersecurity upskilling initiative is designed to enhance the cybersecurity skills of the nation’s workforce, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to protect Qatar’s critical infrastructure and data. The training program has successfully provided diverse training options for government officials at all levels.  

So far, Elev8 has conducted 17 cybersecurity workshops in Qatar, engaging over 650 participants and earning resounding positive feedback for its practical training approach. Delivered by top-tier experts, these workshops blend in-person and online multilingual sessions, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.  

Participants undergo role-based cybersecurity awareness and proficiency training, acquiring the skills to manage cutting-edge technologies for enhanced national protection. Leveraging support from delivery partners like Microsoft and other international tech giants, Elev8’s cybersecurity upskilling program has united diverse stakeholders in support of Qatar’s 2030 vision, contributing to establishing a robust cyber ecosystem.  

Digital Transformation Upskilling Initiative 

Elev8’s Digital Center of Excellence, launched in collaboration with Microsoft and a Qatari ministry, has delivered engaging and future-oriented educational content across critical technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Under this initiative, Elev8 has so far equipped 92% of our targeted goal of 6,500 Qatari professionals completing training through our program from 62+ different organizations.  

We look forward to expanding our government education initiatives in 2024 to provide extensive technical and role-based professional training for the semi-government and private sectors. Focus areas include vital industries such as oil and gas, telecom, and finance, emphasizing AI practices and trends shaping the global economy.  

Fadi Saghir, Elev8 Qatar’s Country Manager, said: “Through our international expertise in cybersecurity and digital skilling, we are dedicated to equipping Qatar’s workforce with the necessary technical and professional skills to safeguard its data infrastructure and future-proof the nation’s digital economy to thrive in the evolving global landscape. In contributing to Qatar’s position as a market leader in the digital innovation spectrum, Elev8 takes pride in solidifying the nation’s sovereignty in this critical domain.”  

Our Future Position 

As Elev8 continues contributing to Qatar’s prominence in digital innovation, we take pride in solidifying the nation’s stance in this critical domain. Our initiatives exemplify a proactive and strategic approach to digital transformation, setting the stage for a resilient, secure, and thriving Qatar in the evolving global landscape.  

Looking ahead, we are committed to implementing digital transformation strategies, mass skilling, and employability programs to fill talent gaps, develop regional economies, and create technology jobs for the future. Contact us to design and implement a digital transformation strategy for your organization or citizens.