[Case Study] Empowering Qatari Youth Through the Microsoft Summer Bootcamp  

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Staying relevant and competitive in the current global tech market requires more than just technical skills. It involves being a well-rounded professional with tech and soft skills combined with a passion for continuous learning.  

The Microsoft Summer Bootcamp at the Digital Centre of Excellence in Qatar is a testament to this idea. This initiative is not just about empowering Qatari youth but also bridging the digital skills gap in organizations, creating a more vibrant job market, and contributing to Qatar’s continued growth in the technology industry. 

A Peep into the Microsoft Summer Bootcamp  

The initiative is a 5-week program designed to meet the personalized needs and interests of each participant in four specialized learning tracks, which are AI Engineering, Data Analyst, Security, and Applications.  

To maximize the impact of the program, it’s divided into four distinct stages – Discover, Develop, Create, and Graduate.  

The Program Highlights:  

  • Thirty hours of technical skills training. 
  • Ten hours of hands-on lab experience. 
  • Five hours of soft skills career training. 
  • Three mentoring sessions. 

The Hackathon – Where Learners Put Their Skills into Action 

One of the highlights of this summer bootcamp is the hackathon that takes place during the “Create” stage. In this stage, participants have nine days to pick a challenge presented by esteemed partners such as Microsoft, the National Museum of Qatar, and Mada – Qatar Assistive Technology Center.  

The challenges encompass four vital categories: 

  • Earth: Solutions for climate change, agriculture, and green technology. 
  • Education: Innovations that revolutionize global learning methods. 
  • Health: Tackling issues in healthcare, diagnosis, accessibility, and more. 
  • Lifestyle: Projects that shape entertainment, content consumption, and modern living. 

To get an in-depth understanding of how the Microsoft Summer Bootcamp is transforming the lives and careers of Qatari youth, download the full case study in English here or download the Arabic version here