Bridging the Digital Skills Gap with Elev8: Insights from In2clouds 

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A woman wearing glasses gazes at an AWS logo displayed on a computer screen

In2clouds is a company that helps clients improve business performance with predictive analytics solutions that grow revenue, optimize marketing operations, and help mitigate and manage risk. The company’s corporate headquarters are in the USA, however, in2clouds has a notable presence across various countries, including Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, México, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Spain. Therefore, In2clouds faces the challenge of maintaining a highly skilled workforce that can consistently deliver outstanding results in all its regions.  

In its quest to continually innovate through unique talent acquisition, In2clouds discovered the benefits and advantages of hiring employees who had completed  AWS re/Start, a digital upskilling program delivered by Elev8. AWS re/Start is a free-to-the-learner, cohort-based workforce development training program that helps unemployed and underemployed individuals build cloud computing skills and launch cloud careers.  

While the company has hired graduates from several collaborating organizations across different nations, their most substantial partnership is with Elev8 in Costa Rica. 

Unlocking Success with AWS re/Start through Elev8 

Luis Perera, a founding partner at in2clouds, shared the company’s experience hiring and collaborating with AWS re/Start graduates trained by Elev8, who have undeniably become an indispensable part of their journey toward success.  

“We are delighted with every AWS re/Start graduate we have hired and their contribution to the company. We strongly believe that the re/Start program is a very valuable asset for Latin American companies. Furthermore, we believe in re/Start´s upskill and re-skill objectives that lead to employability and social mobility for its graduates.” (Luis Perera, in2clouds) 

The Journey to Innovation 

As a reminder for companies contemplating to bring AWS re/Start graduates trained by Elev8 into their team, Luis emphasized in2clouds’ commitment to the program in their plan to employ at least 15 AWS re/Start graduates within the upcoming year.  

With this, In2clouds is hoping to expedite the integration of new talent into their workforce, especially those who already possess a firm foundation in AWS technologies.  

The AWS re/Start program offers both candidates and companies that hire them a significant advantage by equipping graduates with essential knowledge of AWS cloud and its diverse service offerings, enabling them to promptly initiate training in advanced AWS topics. 

“AWS re/Start brings “net-new” talent into the workforce, establishing a win-win-win scenario for individuals to launch successful careers in cloud, organizations to increase their competitive edge with in-demand talent, and communities to thrive and grow. We are proud to work with Elev8 education, to build the diverse, robust cloud workforce of the future, enabling organizations to accelerate their innovation with the AWS Cloud.” (Tejas Vashi, Global Lead, AWS re/Start) 

In2clouds made the strategic decision to onboard the AWS re/Start graduates across three primary career paths: sales, sales consulting, and implementation consulting. The graduates’ diverse skillsets and adaptability prove instrumental in their seamless integration into various organizational roles and projects. 

Reaping the Benefits of AWS re/Start 

The most substantial benefit from onboarding AWS re/Start graduates has been the reduction in “time to results.” Recognizing that time is an exceedingly precious resource, the program’s graduates swiftly transitioned into valuable contributors within In2clouds. They proved their readiness and aptitude in a concise span. 

“As technology unfolds at high speeds, partnerships are key to reach organizational objectives faster. Partnerships, like the one Elev8 created with In2clouds, allow our graduates to access the labor market in record time. With an ever-growing demand for cloud specialists, this alignment between In2Clouds, Elev8 and AWS through the re/Start program, has become key to ensuring continuous success in closing the digital talent/skill gap.  tech companies, academies and employers are stepping in together to develop skilled talent to make sure organizations reach their goals and unlock success.” (Jeannie Bonilla, Country Manager Elev8 Costa Rica) 

Interested in augmenting your workforce with top-tier tech talent? AWS re/Start undoubtedly represents the path forward. Contact Elev8 to find out more on how to upskill your workforce with us.