[Webinar] Learn How to Unlock the Unlimited Potential of the Metaverse for Your Organization

elev8 - 1 min read

A man wearing a VR headset surrounded by a digitized version of himself and various other digital icons

The metaverse is driving the potential for businesses to transform how, when, and where they interact with their customers. From fashion to automotive, all industries can use the metaverse to drive brand storytelling in a more engaging way. By immersing customers in a world of virtual and augmented reality, the metaverse seamlessly blends the physical and virtual worlds, engaging senses simultaneously and sharing information to create the ultimate customer experience.

To understand more about how the metaverse can be used to drive business applications and opportunities, we recently hosted a webinar, featuring best-selling author and international expert on disruptive technologies, Lasse Rouhiainen.

A leading voice on the metaverse, Rouhiainen shared with our attendees the importance of innovation and why companies should embrace new technology; encouraging organizations to implement a three-year metaverse strategy and create a digital representation of their product or service.

However, to successfully navigate the metaverse and leverage its potential, an organization’s workforce must have the critical digital skills needed to fulfill a digital transformation. Digital skilling programs provided by companies like Elev8 will be crucial for companies who want to cultivate metaverse experts before virtual reality becomes the status quo.

If you’re interested in learning what the metaverse can mean for your organization, career, and how to unlock its unlimited potential, click here to view our webinar on demand.