Is There a Solution to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Skills Gap?  

elev8 - 1 min read

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Elev8’s president, Maria Balbas, has been featured in HR News, where she reiterates the vital role of digital skilling in both the successful execution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies and as a key driver of growth in the modern world’s most competitive arena – technology.  

The New Digital World Demands New Skills 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is restructuring industries and the very nature of work itself. As adoption and investment in AI intensify worldwide, organizations must recognize that the key to enhancing their AI capabilities and remaining competitive in an ever-evolving labor landscape lies in upskilling and reskilling their workforce.  

Research reveals that 63% of businesses need more talent and knowledge base to manage AI technology confidently. With the demand for skilled professionals far outweighing supply, investing in training programs that arm the workforce with the most up-to-date market-relevant information and skillsets to push performance, productivity, and profitability as soon as possible makes sense.  

Maria identifies internal skill assessments as the first step in adopting an AI training strategy:  

“AI has enormous potential for enhancing business performance across all sectors, but business leaders and HR teams need help knowing where to begin using them. Businesses should engage with their teams to identify where digital tools can improve operations and client services and then audit which skills need to be added to their workforce to implement these tools. 

Once these skills gaps have been identified, businesses will have a clear picture of where they need to upskill their people, and they should put this knowledge to work” 

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