March 2024 Events: Cytek & Elev8 Take the Lead in Costa Rica’s Cybersecurity Landscape 

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Featured image for article titled "March 2024 Events: Cytek & Elev8 Take the Lead in Costa Rica's Cybersecurity Landscape" showing Cytek and Elev8's team at the Tech Talent Summit 2024 in Costa Rica.

Cytek and Elev8 continue to lead the way in cybersecurity solutions and skilling in Costa Rica and  Latin America. From March 19th-21st, our team actively engaged with industry leaders at the Banking Tech Summit, hosted a dedicated workshop for C-suite executives, and headlined the Tech Talent Summit. Here’s a comprehensive overview of these pivotal events: 

Exploring the Applications of AI in Cybersecurity at Banking Tech Summit 

The Banking Tech Summit, held on March 19th, provided us with a platform to connect with key decision-makers in the Costa Rican banking industry. Alberto Herrera, Offensive Manager at Cytek, presented a thought-provoking session titled “The Power of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector.” He focused on the latest trends in cybersecurity attacks and defenses, highlighting the crucial role that artificial intelligence can play in combating these threats. 

Alberto outlined aspects that will benefit from the use of AI in particular: 

  • Intrusion detection and prevention  
  • Antimalware and antivirus software  
  • SIEM and SOAR  
  • Threat intelligence platforms  
  • User and entity behavioral analysis (UEBA)  
  • Phishing detection and email security  
  • Fraud detection and prevention  
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

His presentation outlined how AI can be applied in cybersecurity, both as a proactive and defensive measure against various types of threats: phishing attacks, password cracking, adaptive malware, data poisoning attacks, deepfakes, intelligent bots as well as AI-driven reconnaissance. 

The summit was attended by executives in the banking sector. 

CxO Leaders Gather for Strategic Cybersecurity Planning Workshop 

On March 20th, Elev8 and Cytek hosted a C-level demo workshop titled “Strategic Planning in Cybersecurity for Senior Management”. This workshop, similarly to others organized by Elev8 as part of their executive education offering,  was divided in two sections: theoretical introduction and hands-on practical work. Participants got presented with a real-life situation: in case of a ransomware attack, what would you do? Should you pay the cybercriminals? 

The exclusive event brought together executives and board members from renowned companies including The Coca-Cola Company, Emerson, Deloitte, Cisco, Equifax, IBM, Kyndryl, Sofistic Cybersecurity, and Grupo INS. 

Our experts, Anat Garty, Cytek’s Chief Cybersecurity Architect, and Alberto Herrera, Cytek’s Offensive Manager, shared their insights on integrating best practices into organizational strategies. Participants gained valuable knowledge on cyberthreat trends, risk management frameworks, and the importance of fostering a culture of cyber resilience within their organizations. 

The speakers also highlighted the role of innovation and talent development in Costa Rica and how it will impact the economic growth in the region. 

Exploring the Human Factor in Cybersecurity at the Tech Talent Summit 

AI tools have been revolutionizing the way we work ever since they first entered the scene. They offer to automate tasks such as research, writing or even coding.  

But what does this mean for all the humans behind the computer screens?  

In 2019, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicted that by 2049, automation would eliminate 14% and transform 32% of jobs respectively. We can see how AI has been changing workplaces around the world, but with it, new challenges have arisen. 

With this in mind, we capped off a successful week by taking the lead role at the Tech Talent Summit on March 21st. The event focused on “The Challenge of the Human Factor in Cybersecurity.”  

Anat Garty, as the keynote speaker, led the discussion on “Exploring Current Strategies for Empowering Cybersecurity with Emerging Solutions.” The session focused on how to leverage both human expertise and artificial intelligence (AI) to create advanced security strategies for organizations. It also emphasized the importance of ongoing training and learning to ensure security professionals stay up to date with the evolving technical landscape.   

The summit provided a platform for international, influential leaders from both the private and public sectors to delve into matters about ongoing digital security challenges in Costa Rica and Latin America.


The other speakers and panelists of the event were:  

  • Maria Balbás, Growth Executive Vice President, YNV Tech Talent  
  • Jeannie Bonilla, Country Manager, YNV Tech Talent  
  • Alberto Herrera, Offensive Manager, Cytek  
  • Carolina Taborda, Manager, CyberSec Cluster  
  • Gezer Molina, National Cybersecurity Director, MICITT  
  • Mariana Borbón, Promotora de Servicios, PROCOMER   
  • Jorge Rodríguez, Asociado Senior, LatamLex 

Cytek and Elev8 – Your Digital Security Partners 

Through this series of events, we continue to solidify our position as a thought leader in cybersecurity within Costa Rica and Latin America. Cytek and Elev8 are committed to educating and empowering businesses and leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complex world of digital security. Partner with Cytek for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions from advisory, through implementation to our SOC-as-a-service or reach out to Elev8 to build capabilities and train your teams on cybersecurity