Elev8’s President Maria Balbas speaks on the Vital Role of HR Director in Shaping the Digital Future

elev8 - 1 min read

In a recent article published in The HR Director magazine, Maria Balbas, President of elev8, reveals that HR holds the key to creating a robust internal talent pipeline while reducing attrition. The Great Resignation caused many organizations to implode, unable to respond effectively to the abrupt mass exodus of the majority of their workforce. With the memories still fresh, leadership teams are eager to prevent the past repeating itself while looking to the future.

It’s imperative that HR Directors worldwide recognize the importance of digital upskilling and reskilling in not only the prevention of talent loss, but the futureproofing of their organizations in the digital world. In the article she elaborates:

“Firms who recognize the ongoing need to evolve will ensure they have robust employee development pathways, guaranteeing broad, deep, and dynamic organizational skillsets and a committed workforce that is equipped to respond to changing market demands. Investing in your workforce is not a luxury, but an essential in order to ensure your business strategy remains future proof.”

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