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Helping advance the next generation of women in tech 

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Time to redress the balance

The number of women working in technology roles remain stubbornly low, with data showing that they currently hold just over a quarter of tech-related jobs. At the same time businesses globally are struggling to find and retain people with much-needed technical skills. There is a huge opportunity for female talent to fill this digital skills gap, boosting their own careers in the process while playing a pivotal role in driving business growth through digital transformation.

Is your organization invested in advancing the next generation of women in tech?

If the answer is ‘yes’, our program can set you on the right path to achieve your objectives while equipping your female talent with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and professional contacts to support them in a new career in technology.

Who is the ‘Next Generation of Women in Tech training program designed for?

The training program is designed for women who are early in career, with and without technology experience, who want to develop a career in tech.

As well as focusing on boosting knowledge on emerging technologies that are shaping the future, the program will help the women who participate unlock their full potential as future tech business partners whilst defining their careers in a world that increasingly demands skilled technology professionals.

Benefits for organizations to invest in the program

The commercial benefits of a more diverse workforce are well documented. By supporting and investing in female talent to build careers in tech, leadership teams will boost retention among their female workforce by helping them map long-term career paths within the business.

Benefits for participants

The program participants will gain the ability to:

  • Apply strategies to break and prevent gender bias for future professional growth
  • Connect technology to business strategy as a future tech strategist
  • Identify, analyze, and map stakeholders to help them build and grow their career path

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The training can be delivered as a company sponsored program through a combination of in-person and virtual training or individuals can attend regularly scheduled virtual programs.

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