Dynamics Academy Terms and Conditions


  • I. Objectives

  • II. Participants

  • III. Characteristics and Eligibility Criteria

  • IV. Financial Assessment, Contracting and Abandonment

  • V. Selection and training process description

  • VI. Data protection

  • VII. Modification of the Terms and Conditions of the scheme

  • VIII. Contact

Elev8 Education (elev8) together with Microsoft Greece is promoting the development of a Dynamics Academy. This will help motivated people make a qualitative leap in their professional career by supporting them in accessing training programs for high-demand professions. These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) describe the objectives of the Dynamics Academy and the engagement terms with any participants. 

I. Objectives 

The main objective of the Dynamics Academy is to improve the employability of the participants in the program, providing them a complete training in Dynamics, with a focus on high-demand professions. The second objective is to grow the Dynamics expert ecosystem in Greece, so Microsoft's business partners and customers can develop and grow their business.  

II. Participants  

Participants are eligible to apply if they are over 18 years of age, are residents of Greece, meet the eligibility requirements, and are selected in accordance with the selection criteria described below. 

III. Characteristics and Eligibility Criteria 

Dynamic Academy training program characteristics:  

Name: Dynamics Academy 

Participants: Up to a maximum of 150 people for a period of 2 years.  

Duration: The duration of each Dynamics Academy course will be 8 weeks to complete.


1. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions; and the Terms of Use.  

2. Registration on the website : https://elev8me.com/program/dynamics-academy-greece-program#application  

Eligibility criteria for applying to the Dynamics Academy

For any person to be eligible to apply, the following requirements must apply concurrently:  

1. To be over 18 years of age at the time of signing the agreement.  

2. Be a permanent resident of Greece and holder of a valid work permit.  

3. Preferable, but not mandatory, to be in possession of a university degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM environment). 

4. Have an English language level of at least B2, to be able to follow the training (basic content) in the English language.  

Evaluation and selection criteria  

  • For the process of evaluation of candidates and final selection of participants to the Dynamics Academy, an initial introductory course to the technology must be completed beforehand. The introductory course will last approximately 20 hours in asynchronous mode and will be taught in English. It will enable candidates to learn the basics of technology, tools, technologies, and practices used to minimize integration time in other work environments where digital skills are more widely used.  

  • The leading evaluation and selection criteria will be the following: 

1. Employability potential. Having skills prior to the training program that will assist in employment after the successful completion of the Dynamics Academy program (i.e., previous level of training, languages, communication skills, teamwork, etc.).  

2. STEM studies and level of English: Priority will be given to participants with previous studies in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics (STEM environment) and B2 level English, which will be assessed during the selection phase.

IV. Financial assessment, contracting and abandonment 

The objective of the Dynamics Academy is to train and support the successful incorporation of the largest possible number of participants of the program into the Dynamics ecosystem. 

Places for the Dynamics Academy’s training are limited and not all candidates will be selected. Once a candidate is selected, Dynamics Academy will make a training investment, so the participant will be asked to make a personal commitment to remain during the term of the program except in cases of force majeure.  

Furthermore, a participant who has successfully completed the program will be precluded from seeking immediate employment from a non-Microsoft partner. They will need to be available for employment at any designated Microsoft partners. Exceptions will require written agreement between the participant and Microsoft Greece. 

Additionally, elev8 and Microsoft Greece cannot guarantee employment upon completion of the program and in the event that employment is not possible at the end of the program for the participant at any Microsoft partner company, they will be informed and may seek employment under their own terms. 

V. Selection and Training Process Description 

The Dynamics Academy includes a multi-stage process to validate the fulfilment of the candidate’s eligibility criteria followed by the final evaluation/assessment and selection of the successful participants. 

a) Information 

Candidates will be able to find out about the characteristics and functioning of the Dynamics Academy on the following landing page: https://elev8me.com/program/dynamics-academy-greece-program 

b) Registration Form 

The Registration Form will require some identification and other data related to the candidate’s eligibility criteria. If the candidate is eligible, they will receive an email informing them of their favorable status to proceed and will be required to complete the Evaluation process and provide certain documentation for further verification prior to participating the Dynamics Academy. 

c) Evaluation process 

During the Evaluation process, the candidate will be asked to provide additional information, so that the Dynamics Academy can better assess and evaluate their personal, work, educational, financial, employment, and educational situation. The candidate will be asked to provide documentation that demonstrates the fulfilment of the eligibility requirements. 

- Identification data: (i) Full name; (ii) Home address; (iii) Mobile phone number; (iv) Email address; (v) Nationality (iv) E-mail address; (v) Nationality; (vii) Country of permanent residence; (viii) identification number. 

- Data relating to personal characteristics and personality: (i) Date of birth; (ii) Country of birth; (iii) Country of residence; (iv) Nationality 

- Data relating to social circumstances: (i) Type of Residence; (ii) Years of Residence 

- Academic and professional data: (i) Company for which you work, position and sector (current or previous); (ii) Years of Residence (Current or previous); (ii) Grade of studies; (iii) Field of study; (iv) School or Institution; (v) Languages; (vi) Admission document to the training program associated with the Plan; (vii) Curriculum Vitae. 

Afterwards, the evaluation of candidates and the pre-selection of the participants who will take part in the 20 hours pre-course will be carried out. The course will have a duration of two (2) weeks in asynchronous mode and will be taught in English.

d) Special circumstances exception

Both elev8 and Microsoft reserve the right to modify the characteristics of the program under certain circumstances and always after a specific analysis of such circumstances. 

Both elev8 and Microsoft reserve the right, at any time, to terminate a participant from continuing the training in the event that false information and/or bad faith information was used in order to achieve program participation. 

VI. Privacy  

Elev8 is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal data you submit to participate in the Academy. The Personal Data you provide will enable you to participate in our selection process and enable us to consider and analyze your application and follow through with the selection process in respect of any engagement with elev8 or elev8’s Partners. It will also enable elev8 and elev8’s Partners to send you the relevant notifications and / or our email communications / updates relating to this Program and career opportunities, which may be of interest to you. We may disclose your Personal Data to any of: 

  • our employees, officers, suppliers, subcontractors; 

  • affiliate companies and subsidiaries (including their employees, officers, suppliers and subcontractors);  

  • our Third-Party Processors who are our appointed data processors and to whom we may offer your profile for any vacancy position that may be available. Below, you can find a list of the Partners to whom your personal data may be provided. This may be updated from time to time, as notified on our website: 

Accenture, Ambience, Anyrobotics, Bewise, Candi, Cognity, Diastasys, DIS, DotCy, Effect, Epsilon Net, Ergologic, EY, Fortune, Inttrust, IST, KPMG, Linakis Digital, Pobuca, PwC, Real Consulting, Reborrn, Satori, Space, StepOne. 

Notwithstanding the other provisions of elev8’s privacy policy, we will retain your personal data for a period of 3 years, following your last activity within the Academy. These terms apply where we are acting as the data controller, and we determine the purpose and means of the processing of the personal data you submit to us. For additional information on how your personal data is protected, kindly review elev8’s privacy policy

VII. Modification of the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme 

By applying to the Dynamics Academy, the participant accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Dynamics Academy and its acceptance by the participant of its Terms and Conditions and of its decision, which shall be final and not subject to appeal as well as the waiver of any type of claim regarding any aspect of the Terms and Conditions, without being exhaustive, aspects such as assignment, selection and admission criteria. 

Elev8 reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Terms and Conditions of the Dynamics Academy for applications at any time in order to preserve the social impact that the Dynamics Academy aims to achieve without obtaining the consent of the participants 

VIII. Contact 

The participant may direct any queries regarding the Dynamics Academy to elev8 at learningglobal@elev8me.com.  

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