Elev8’s Chief Revenue Officer Aileen Allkins Affirms the Importance of Reskilling in The World Financial Review

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Elev8’s Chief Revenue Officer, Aileen Allkins, contributed an article to The World Financial Review, discussing digital upskilling and reskilling for businesses today.

In “Reskill Not Just to Survive, but Thrive,” Aileen highlights the successes seen by organizations that have embraced a tech-focused future, adopting digital skilling programs and innovative practices in communication, automation, and AI to flourish in their industry.

“With demand for skills far outweighing available talent, there is an opportunity for organizations to set themselves apart from competitors by investing in their people through digital upskilling. Filling specific skills gaps will create a capable, resilient, and adaptable workforce that can prosper in the fourth industrial revolution.”

Within three years, Elev8 has become the leading strategic partner for enterprises and governments, providing innovative and agile digital learning solutions to equip workers and citizens with essential digital skills.

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