The Business Review Discusses Digital Transformation with elev8’s President Maria Balbas

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Elev8 president Maria Balbas met with the Business Review to discuss what differentiates elev8 from its competitors and its vision to empower more women to develop technical skills

Maria has been recognized as a key influencer in digital transformation in Qatar and beyond. In an interview with the Business Review, she describes how a focus on the future of employability and a determination to shape the jobs of tomorrow is what makes elev8 stand out from other companies within the sector.

“What differentiates Elev8 is that we have a strategic alignment with the digital agenda of the country, we provide skilling programs for employability… We want to support the creation of the jobs of the future and the roles that organizations need to be transformed, both in the public and private sectors.”

Furthermore, she highlights elev8s multi-faceted approach to swing the scales towards higher female participation within traditionally male-dominated industries as well as the importance of looking beyond hard skill training to set women up for success.

“…we need to enhance women’s relationships and networks through industry-focused round tables or other types of events to enhance women’s connections with other people within the industry and beyond.”

In three years elev8 has become the leading strategic partner for enterprises and businesses with innovative solutions to broaden the workforce’s digital skillset, bridge the talent gap, and implement digital agendas.

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