How to Inspire Employees to Stay

elev8 - 3 min read

Woman smiling in the office

Inspiration is invisible, innate, and indispensable. When employees feel inspired, work transforms from a means to pay the bills into something magical, a crucible for success. If that wasn’t compelling enough, research revealed that the intrinsic motivation that springs from feeling inspired is enough to convince 87% of employees to stay in their current positions. 

An inspired workforce is critical to the success of an organization. Failure to do so puts seismic cracks in productivity, profits, and performance. One study set the cost of an unmotivated workforce at $300 billion every year, and the damage for every employee resignation amounts to at least 6-9 months of their salary in associated recruitment and onboarding costs. 

So, how does an organization inspire its employees to stay? 

Instill.  A study by revealed that 98% of participants believed confidence was crucial to feeling fulfilled at work. Confident employees are engaged, happy, and productive, and while positive feedback, a united team, and regular recognition all contribute to feelings of confidence, the most decisive factor was ongoing training opportunities. elev8’s training programs offer personalized learning journeys, blending technical and power skills to empower employees to feel confident and in control at work.   

Integrity. When leadership behaves with integrity it creates a ripple effect throughout the organization. Clear communication, accountability, transparency, and strong emotional intelligence inspire employees to stay. When they say employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses, they’re right. Recent research indicates a staggering 75% of voluntary resignations are due to poor leadership. One way to combat ineffective direction from the top down is to continuously reskill management on practical leadership techniques. elev8 infuses leadership training into many of their digital skilling and transformation programs, setting their leadership teams up for success in the digital world.    

Invite.  Inviting growth and change not only is the essence of transformation, but it represents a huge opportunity for organizations to unlock unprecedented levels of success. elev8’s soft skill training programs contain modules around identifying, adopting, and maintaining a growth mindset to foster new and innovative ways of thinking essential to thriving in the evolving digital landscape. Similarly, leadership teams who participate in our executive training programs learn about psychological safety techniques to create a working environment of positivity, openness, and collaboration for their workforce. Organizations that work with us can even track their progress using our talent management platform Talentwize.  

Invest. The research is conclusive – if you invest in your workforce, they stay. A Gallup study discovered that 71% of participants attribute upskilling as key to higher job satisfaction and, for 61%, it is a deciding factor as to whether they will stay at their job. Employees that feel seen, valued, and empowered to grow within their organization have little incentive to look elsewhere. With the digital era fast upon us, there is even more pressure on organizations to embrace technology or fall behind. elev8’s digital upskilling and reskilling programs not only accelerate upward mobility for employees but safeguards the future of their companies too.  

Innovate. The modern workplace demands modern training opportunities. Employee development presents an incredible opportunity for organizations to innovate. This can be done by adopting a talent management system like Talentwize by elev8. Through Talentwize, organizations clarify each employee’s individual career goals, identify upskilling and reskilling opportunities, and create a clear roadmap for promotions, raises, and other incentives. Taking a collaborative approach bridges the gap between leadership and the workforce, reinforcing that they are working together towards a shared goal. 

The future is digital. At elev8 we have the future in mind. Browse our site to discover how our educational initiatives and digital reskilling transform enterprises and governmental organizations worldwide.