How Talent Development Can Boost Business Growth

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In her article published by Business Vision, María Balbás, President of Elev8, explores the challenges facing businesses as they look to digital transformations to try to hit growth targets and meet changing client demands in difficult economic times.

María identifies the crucial role that a healthy and sustainable pipeline of tech talent can play in safeguarding future growth, especially as global digital skills gap persists. She argues that an effective way to create this pipeline is to engrain a culture of upskilling and learning across the business.

A useful starting point is a skills audit, identifying the tech skills that drive commercial growth and pinpointing any skills that may be missing from the workforce. Management then needs to commit resources both to upskilling these teams and then to actively tracking progress over time to ensure shifting client demands can be met.

Not only will this approach help drive business growth, but it will also demonstrate to employees that the leadership is keen to invest in their professional development and long-term careers. At times of economic uncertainty, it is more vital than ever for teams to know they are valued. Investing in upskilling will help boost both morale and productivity – a win-win situation  

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First published by Business Vision on 13th April 2023