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Payment Policies:

Payment date

The total cost must be paid 30 days for executive programs and 10 days for technical programs, before the start of the program. A penalty of 5% will be applied on balances if the payment is made the day or after the start of the program. The effective payment date will be the day of confirmation of funds in the bank account of. All payments must be made in dollars in accounts authorized by ELEV8.
In the event that participation is confirmed within 30 or 10 days respectively, in the case of executive or technical courses before the start of the program, the cost of the program must be paid on the spot. Participation in the program will only be confirmed after payment verification.
Note: EVERY participant must pay 100% of the total value of the program before the end of the program to receive their accreditation certificate.

Payment methods:

The bank account to make payments will be provided by the ELEV8 Accounting Department. Payments can be made with bank transfers or through credit cards. Checks are not accepted.
All payments made by the participant or the sponsoring company will be free and without deductions of any tax, fee, right, lien, withholding or contribution that exists or will eventually impose any political, administrative or jurisdictional authority of the participant's domicile or sponsoring company If the payment is made by bank transfer, the participant or his sponsoring company must ensure that the amount transferred to the ELEV8 account is the exact amount of the program cost. ELEV8 will not be responsible for any costs or expenses related to the transfer.
In the event that the amount paid is greater than the value of the contract, no sum will be repeated if the excess balance will remain as an amount in favor to be used by the CLIENT in some other ELEV8 program.
At the time of making a deposit or transfer, the CLIENT must attach his full name and physical or legal identification number, as appropriate.
Additionally, the CLIENT must send a copy of the bank voucher or electronic transfer confirmation to the Accounting Department, sending it to the following email address susan.monge@elev8me.com, clearly indicating the name of the participant and the program by which Make the payment.
ELEV8 is not responsible for payments made without customer information. Unidentified payments will be counted in the unidentified Deposits account, until the CLIENT verifies with voucher originals or bank receipt, their membership.

Cancellation Policies or Changes

To receive a full refund, the application must be received at least ONE month in advance in the case of executive courses or ten days in the case of technical courses before the start of the program. If the request for reimbursement is made with less than ONE month or ten days depending on the type of course, before the start of the program, only 75% of the amount paid will be refunded.
Registrations made within 30 days before the start of the program will not be refunded, but may be applied to another future program with a 25% penalty. Before the start of the program, the CLIENT may nominate a substitute to participate in the original program and will not apply any penalty or surcharge for this.
In the event that the same participant wishes to transfer to another program, he or she must indicate in the application the program to which they intend to transfer and which must begin within 12 months. If you make the request more than 30 or 10 days respectively before the start of the program, 100% of the amount paid will be recognized. If you do it with less than 30 days, only 75% applies. It can only be transferred to another program only once.
If for any reason ELEV8 cancels or delays the implementation of the program, a refund of 100% of the amount paid will be made if the CLIENT does not wish to use it in another.
Withdrawal and refund policies after the start of the program
After starting the program, if the participant needs to withdraw, they will not be subject to reimbursement of the amount paid. The withdrawal must be notified by letter or email to the administration WHO IS COMMUNICATED? In any case, admission to a future program will be at the discretion of ELEV8. If there are additional costs, the CLIENT must pay any difference.

Issuance of receipts and invoices

ELEV8 is not required to issue official payment receipts. The bank voucher is a proof of payment to verify and certify the payment to ELEV8. If payment by credit card is used, the proof of payment is the authorization number and statement of the cardholder's statement with the charge.
For the issuance of the corresponding electronic invoice authorized by the General Directorate of Direct Taxation, the CUSTOMER must provide the name of the natural or legal person to be billed, as well as an email, telephone number and exact address.

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