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  • Understand how digital transformation and technological change are transforming leadership models and discover the skills and attitudes to become a digital leader.
  • Challenge yourself and your teams to achieve exponential results from technology and innovation.
  • Bring out the best in your team by fostering a culture of open innovation, trust and collaboration.
  • Practice 'storytelling leadership' to inspire and motivate.
  • Create self-organizing teams and go from being a controller to an enabler.
  • Foster an agile organization with continuous learning, experimentation and risk-taking for long-term impact.
  • Ensure current and future talent pipelines for the digital era, including creating new employee experiences and new ways of working.
  • Encourage organizational resilience to enable successful change management processes, while learning from business leaders already operating in fast-paced industries.

Participant Profile

This program is designed for C-Level executives and senior leaders looking to develop themselves, their teams and their organizations for the next level of growth, by harnessing digital transformation and technological change.


  • Impact evaluation: Participants will be invited to measure their digital attitudes and skills before and after the program so they can build a personalized roadmap to address any gaps.
  • The program will enable executives to bring out the best in their teams to achieve exponential results.
  • Digital Leadership Sprint (Team Leadership): Participants will be given the opportunity to develop a fast-track workshop for their own organization. This is to accelerate their own agile leadership. The exercise will be done working with their own teams.
  • Assessment on your digital leadership skills and attitudes

  • Disrupt yourself and your team

    • Digital leader attitudes: Mental models for disruption
    • Methods for improving personal learning environments
    • Exponential leadership to drive team and deliver exceptional results


  • Inspire new ideas and solutions

    • Inspiring creativity, innovation, and a culture of collaboration
    • Innovation models
    • Build trust with your team to adapt quickly
    • Storytelling leadership

  • Agile leadership

    • Leadership to enabler self-organizing agile teams
    • Creating cultures of continuous improvement, experimentation, life-long learning and risk-taking
    • Decision making with incomplete information

  • New ways of working

    • Improving the employee experience
    • Harnessing the power of human and technological interaction
    • Successful inbound recruitment
    • Maximizing talent management in the age of digital transformation

  • Leading change in disruptive times

    • Change management models for organizational resilience
    • Leadership collaboration in fast-paced industries impacted by technology
    • Roadmap for leadership in the digital era

  • Data-driven sprint assessment on digital leadership skills and attitudes (six months after program)

Action learning and Agile methodologies are used to ensure participants apply their newly acquired knowledge and tools for leading in the digital era


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