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  • Understand the drivers of digital transformation, the evolution of customer behavior in the digital era and the impact of disruptive technologies.
  • Understand and evaluate how business models are changing in the digital age, including platform and 'as-a-service' models, while taking inspiration from other industries. 
  • Learn agile digital innovation methodologies to drive new customer-centric solutions.
  • Learn how to foster a culture of open innovation and use the corporate venturing model to encourage intrapreneurship within your organization. 
  • Challenge your business model  and discover new ways to disrupt your industry. 
  • Understand how agility and change in organizations are crucial to digital transformation and, through interactions, learn to develop  your own agile organization and change management model.
  • Build your own roadmap for digital transformation.

Participant Profile

This program is designed for C-Level executives and senior leaders looking to maximize the power of digital transformation in their organization.


  • Impact evaluation: The participant's organization will be analysed before and after the program to assess their digital maturity, and a roadmap will be developed to address gaps.
  • The program will allow executives to adapt or reinvent their business model in today’s highly competitive environment.
  • ELEV8 and Opinno 'Digital Innovation Sprint'.

elev8 and OPINNO - Digital Innovation Sprint

  • Participants will have access to an intensive week-long 'sprint' focused on digital innovation - hosted in conjunction with their own teams. The sprint will enable them to implement the actions recommended in the roadmap produced as part of the program.
  • Based on the main innovation methodologies, including Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, Creative Problem Solving, Customer Development and agile work models (such as Scrum), teams will be able to quickly address their own unique business challenges and learn how to maximize high-impact projects.
  • The process follows five phases: understand, discover, build, experiment and sell. Teams will be able to test, validate and modify the value proposition according to how effective the program is proving to be.                 
Opinno is a global innovation and digital transformation consultancy with a network of more than 50,000 experts worldwide through partnerships with MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review.
  • Pre-program assessment to assess the maturity of digital transformation in your organization

  • The evolution of customer behavior in the digital age

    • Digital ecosystems
    • Digital business models
    • Digital customer behavior and new generations
    • Digital customer experience and customer intelligence
    • New interaction points and customer networks
    • E-commerce

  • New technologies and business impact

    • Platforms and as-a-service business models
    • Big data, machine learning, AI and robotics for added value solutions
    • Virtual reality, augmented reality, and voice
    • Cloud
    • IoT and blockchain
    • New business applications

  • Digital innovation management

    • Fostering a culture of innovation, from open innovation and ecosystems to corporate venturing
    • Agile innovation, from design thinking to future thinking and lean startup to scale
    • Defining your challenges with digital innovation

  • Reinventing the business model

    • Connecting new technologies for customer-centric solutions to maximize business impact
    • Challenging your existing business model and exploring the potential of new models

  • Route map for digital transformation

    • Leading agile organizations and change management
    • Defining your organizational roadmap for digital transformation

  • 'Digital Innovation Sprint' for the participant’s teams

    Follow-up assessment six months later to measure the maturity of digital transformation

Agile methodologies are used to ensure participants apply their newly acquired knowledge, tools and roadmap for digital transformation in their organization.


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