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  • Learn how data can act as a  lever for innovation and corporate transformation.
  • Recognize the potential of analytics for decision making, the eradication of inefficient operational processes, for improving the customer experience and for developing new market potential.
  • Recognize the level of analytical maturity that currently exists in your organization and develop the key actions necessary to evolve and become a data-driven organization.
  • Assimilate big data with artificial intelligence to develop new products, services and business models.
  • Explore real-world examples of how companies can make use of new technologies, such as blockchain and IOT, and how they can be implemented into organizations.
  • Design a unique roadmap and strategic plan to maximize the impact of data in your organization.

Participant Profile

This program is designed for C-Level executives and senior leaders looking to achieve competitive advantage from big data and the new technologies that drive it.


  • Impact evaluation: Participants will be invited to measure the analytical maturity of their organization before and after the program to allow them to build a personalized roadmap to address any gaps.
  • Data-driven sprint: A 3-day fast-track workshop will allow individuals and companies to diagnose their issues and challenges,  align a multidisciplinary team and, taking into account the recommendations developed through our highly collaborative process, determine the next steps necessary to become a data-driven organization.
  • Pre-program assessment to measure the analytical maturity of the organization

  • Your journey to become a data-driven organization

    • Analytical Centers of Excellence (ACE)
    • Understand your analytical quotient with the four levels of analytical development (from Novato to Master)
    • Steps to acheive a higher level of digital maturity
    • Design a business plan that leads to true digital transformation: Strategy, value, HR, technology and processes

  • Big data organization

    • Big data vs small data models
    • Structured and unstructured data
    • Data-driven organizations
    • How big data transforms business insight
    • Big data ecosystems
    • Data governance
    • Real-world of big data scenarios

  • Artificial intelligence

    • The evolution of AI
    • Natural language processing: cognitive world and the Watson environment
    • Robotics and autonomous vehicles
    • Computer vision and image recognition
    • Virtual agents (chat bots)
    • Ethics and the future of AI

  • Machine learning: the cornerstone of AI

    • CRISP-DM methodology
    • Machine learning right now
    • Information audits for predictive model development
    • Information display
    • Executive dashboards and imaginative viewing scenarios
    • The most impactful machine learning models

  • Blockchain and IoT in relation to big data

    • True value of blockchain
    • Blockchain and IoT practical applications
    • The future of blockchain
    • The three pillars of IoT
    • Evolution of IoT for maximum impact
    • Roadmaps to become a data-driven organization

  • Data-driven sprint: Fast-track diagnosis workshop with the participant's team

    Follow-up assessment six months later to measure the analytical maturity of the organization.

Agile methodologies are used to ensure participants apply their newly acquired knowledge and tools to help their organization become a data-driven organization


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