elev8 exists to inspire change, innovation and success by helping people and companies harness the power of technology. Our unique ecosystems of knowledge are designed to maximize the impact of people and organizations through innovative and personalized approaches to talent, skills and knowledge development.

At elev8, we believe every learning experience should be relevant to the challenges and opportunities facing aspirational leaders and the companies they work for. We understand time is precious and that every learning experience should provide maximum value, deliver instant and immediate results and provide long-term development potential; it should be easily applied to their everyday challenges and be instantly measurable to show the true value of learning.

Learning</br> WITH ELEV8


elev8 strives to make learning agile, flexible and personalized to the unique requirements of the individual and the companies they work for. We exist to make learning a tangible experience that adds immediate and long-term value and focuses on maximizing the impact of every interaction. We provide impactful, practical learning experiences to enable people to harness the power of digital technology, and combine technology and leadership learning to help develop digital leaders. Our approach to learning is built around several key pillars:

• Our trainers and methodologies are certified by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science in Finland, which has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading action learning providers. This certification ensures elev8 is recognized by the world’s best international education system and our learning experiences meet the highest standards.

• Our learning experiences employ inquiry-based teaching, which focuses on problem identification, research and pedagogical experiments to drive the teaching program, features analysis and feedback from tutors and peers to maximize the impact of every learning experience.

• Personal development plans are based on collaboration and team-work.

• Our learning experiences are enhanced by versatile online environments, which enable collaboration, team work and deliver true personalized learning experiences.

Our</br> Professors


elev8 provides the perfect blend of theoretical and practical expertise to help people maximise the effectiveness of every learning interaction. Our tutors, professors, thought leaders and industry experts are committed to changing the effectiveness of training and learning.

Whether you’re studying for an IT certification, looking for industry insight to help maximise the impact of digital transformation and deliver immediate business impact, or need help with enhancing your in-house training function, you can be sure you have an expert team behind you ready, willing and able to deliver tangible and proven results.


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"Companies that partner with elev8 understand having an engaged and talented workforce is crucial to their success. They recognise that everyone is not the same, but each person has skills that can be enhanced to deliver better results. "

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